Multi-functional products designed with your 'and' in mind

We design beyond single use; inspired by the fact that you are more than a single hobby, talent, or identity.

Athletes do more than workout; moms are far more than parents; lady bosses pursue so much more than just the next step on the corporate ladder.

The Laptop Clutch

We say our laptop needs safety & style. Good thing The Laptop Clutch scores 10/10 on both.
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The Lunch Purse

You are a person on the go. Get out the door faster, with more hands free, looking your best.
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The Tumbler Press

Sometimes the $5 cup of average tasting coffee is worth it. Sometimes it's not.
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From Work Out... To Work Ready

Niche brands are all the rage; but we’ve never been ones to follow

We exist because the boxes women are so often stuffed into by society shouldn’t.​

Because you should be supported as you refuse to choose to display only the parts of yourself that align with black and white definitions; instead bringing the whole of who you are to every circle and situation.

Because more brands should stop solidifying stereotypes through their products and marketing; and rather, focus on empowering creative expression and equipping powerful women to be their true, multi-faceted selves.


I love pink, getting my nails done, delicate jewelry, a true romantic at heart, but I can also be...

'And' Fierce

I also love getting dirty, working hard, and taking care of things myself sometimes. I refuse to choose one.

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